Two roles for marketing freshers — Junior Marketing Manager & and Creative Strategist — traineeship leading to a job offer

we are looking for

Two roles we are hiring for :

Main aspects of the job:

The stock option can be extremely beneficial since you will be among the first few members of the team.

“It’s been just a month since I started working at candid conversations. The environment is great-got to learn a lot of new things, there is the pressure at work because the focus is on quality & not filling the hours. It’s exciting to work at a startup in its early days.”

Why isn’t the job as easy as a ‘google search’ aka What we are looking for:

Apply :

Why such a long job Post?

On day 1 you will probably be paid less than some of your other batch mates but by the end of the year, you would have learned more, earning as much or more & building a startup especially a startup that is aiming to be global in scope and in a new field which is impacting people’s lives.

addendum-What happens if this fails? it’s a startup after all.

The aim is to do this while having fun, doing cool stuff (we will have a podcast & maybe even a coin offering) & try to make the world a better place. (I just downloaded a few reviews ..even pre-product these are the messages we get)

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