Is your Personal Brand more important than the Person you are?

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A world where it’s not about how much I know or can do but how well I am known. And this personal challenge also seems to reflect the world around us!

The success of a business today only exists if there is a press release saying you it’s been funded or acquired. And we all know how accurate and reliable press releases are :-).

The Personal Brand is the key, more than the Person?
The obsession with making a wedding between two individuals -PERFECT !

I am not at all against branding or building a network; that’s what gets good ideas to spread. I have a problem when the focus moves from building your organization’s brand or network to your own. It’s become ridiculous to the extent where they are business owners whose life philosophies & goals are something we all know about, but we hardly have any knowledge about the businesses they run & how they plan to make it profitable.



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